Compelling communications for ethical organisations

- using psychology to help you promote positive behaviour change.

Do your communications really change behaviour?

Too often, communications fail to change behaviour because they’re based on false assumptions about how the mind works.

This is especially true for ethical organisations, because of a mistaken belief that simply stating the facts will change the way people act.

In fact, psychological research has identified numerous factors that influence our behaviour, from our emotions to our identity to our environment.

As an ethical organisation doing important work, it’s vital that your communications take these factors into account.

I can help you do this.

Using a systematic and creative approach, I’ll work with you to design and refine your communications to significantly improve your chances of bringing about real behaviour change.

Whether you need advice on a single message or consultation on your entire branding strategy, I’ll help you produce compelling communications, informed by psychology, that actually get through to your audience.

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I am Dan Harvey

I’ve been working in marketing for over 20 years. In that time, everything I’ve done has been about one fundamental question: How do you communicate with people to change their behaviour?

With a degree in psychology and ongoing research and practice, I’ve managed to find some of the answers to this question.

I’m now focused on channelling my knowledge and experience into positive and ethical behaviour change to help people lead better, healthier, happier lives. I combine scientific evidence with creative ideas to produce innovative communications for good causes.

Dan Harvey

I'd like to work with you


Any organisation working for good, including:

Charities and NGOs
Ethical businesses
Social enterprises
Public sector


Any communication to change behaviour, including:

Brand strategy
Key messaging
UX and CRO

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